Vaporfi Rewards And Incentives

Isn’t there enough incentive in switching from smoking to cigarettes to vaping without rewards and promotions? After all, e cigs can help you save a substantial amount of money. They take the aspects of smoking you love and remove the worst parts, yet expand on flavors and add new style to “smoking” by making it friendly and fun. A lot of companies have built their brands on those foundations, though, so to win your favor each brand offers its own programs of rewards and free stuff.

Vaporfi Rewards CardEarn Valuable Rewards

One incentive to shop and stay with almost any US e cig business (Halo, V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, and others) is that the company runs a great rewards program. At Vaporfi, you earn points just by vaping. Customers have to buy batteries, replace atomizer heads, and change their tanks regularly. Every vaper needs e liquid.

These are regular purchases and Vaporfi does not want you taking them to another company, so they issue points with every purchase which can only be spent at their store. It’s clever, a system you see at many retail outlets (grocery and drug stores) as well. Why change a program that’s proven to work effectively?

You can also earn rewards by promoting Vaporfi on social media or go to our Vaporfi coupon code page. Tell people that you like Vaporfi, share that you bought a new bottle of e juice, created a bespoke flavor, or bought a new e cig and take a photo. Write a review of the company. Persuade a friend to buy a Vaporfi starter kit and receive a referral bonus in the form of points.

Check your balance once in a while and be surprised by how quickly you save enough to buy one bottle of e juice without handing over a single dollar of actual cash at

Join a Monthly Club

Schools have chess clubs. Seniors’ communities run golf clubs. Vape stores like Vaporfi start a Blend of the Month Club. Participants do not actually meet although social media lets consumers interact with one another online. Otherwise, the point of this club is to give customers insight into new, up-and-coming flavors every 4 weeks or so.

While there are similarities between Vaporfi’s Blend of the Month Club and an e juice subscription, those programs let you narrow down your portfolio so there isn’t a flavor in the mail you are sure to hate. Each participant receives a single bottle of the latest flavor.

You pay the same price as you would for a bottle of Vaporfi e liquid but without knowing what flavor will arrive. There are incentives apart from the fun of awaiting an e liquid surprise. Members of the club receive information other customers don’t get and exclusive discounts. Meanwhile, they didn’t pay any extra for the privilege.