2015 Vaporfi Coupon Codes & Deals

Here we will be listing any Vaporfi coupon codes, discounts or deals that are available. These are up to date promotions for the summer of 2015!

Save 10% On Everything

This is a really nice and easy way to save, and stay current on any releases or announcements. Just opt in to an email subscription and you will be sent a coupon code you can use immediately!

This introductory offer also includes free shipping, so it is a sweet deal!

Saving Money With Vaporfi.com

Vapor Fi is one of the top-selling, top-rated brands of e cigs in the United States. They carry several models of e cigs for assorted vaping styles and abilities.

This company from Florida makes e liquid at an FDA-approved lab and even e juice for consumers. You might think it is worth spending lots of money if you are buying from the best, but do not overlook opportunities to save money with Vaporfi.

Online Offers

An opportunity to get $10 off your next order and free shipping comes onto the screen almost immediately when customers visit their website. If you are thinking of buying a kit, this is a great chance to buy that bundle for less. Also, watch out for codes listed by affiliates and on various web pages where numerous similar codes are posted, offering a percentage off when you buy hardware or e liquid.

Vaporfi Starter Kits

Pick up a combo kit containing all the pieces needed to get started with any model on the list. That could be a Pulse, Pro, or Rocket: whatever model you choose, Vaporfi will send it with a compatible tank or clearomizer and chargers. Just add juice. You are saving money compared to the price of buying a battery, compatible clearomizer, wall adapter, and USB charger under your own steam.

Join the Club

Become a member of the Blend of the Month Club. When you sign up, Vaporfi.com sends out a bottle of e juice for the same price as usual ($15.99), but you get access to monthly deals and contests the regular consumer doesn’t hear about.

Home Delivery

Sign up for home delivery where Vapor Fi ships a regular order of e liquid or cartomizers every month at the same time. Your regular order can be canceled at any time, but as long as you continue receiving monthly deliveries, they let you take 10% off other orders.